Delta A220 Review, Was it Worth the Wait?

It took a while, the government shutdown added an extra week to the wait, but the Airbus A220 (formerly the CSeries) is now flying over the United States thanks to Delta Air Lines.

On Thursday the first flights departed New York’s LaGuardia for Boston and Huston. I was on the second flight to Boston out of LGA, so I missed out on all the first flight festivities. No special pins, custom boarding passes or media coverage. While not surrounded by a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, I was excited to see what a ‘regular’ flight on the A220 is like.

The first thing I noticed was the bright and inviting cabin thanks in part to a nice LED lighting profile, but more so to the amount of natural light that came through the massive windows. Walking down the isle I had plenty of room above my head. There was no need for me to duck or walk at an angle like I so often do in regional jets.

Those windows

Another welcome difference from other regional jets is the engine noise, or lack thereof. I almost forgot there was an engine right next to me when taxing to the runway. On the ground the two Pratt & Whitney GTF engines are close to silent. Obviously on the ground and in the air are two different stories. They were still the quietest engines I’ve witnessed in the sky which is defiantly an improvement, but I still wouldn’t forget to pack noise canceling headphones.

View of the A220 wing and engine

The overhead bin space is a key selling point for this aircraft and it met expectations. Nobody needed to gate check their carry on. That extra space let me to stow my duffel bag quickly and take my seat without hassle. Business travelers and weekend warriors who fit all their necessities in a carry on will defiantly appreciate this.

I made my way to 12A in the Comfort+ section. The seat was wide and comfortable with a cushy headrest. In front is the large display fir the in-flight entertainment system Delta is proud to offer. It features a headphone jack and USB-A port for charging your electronics. Most conveniently they have added a small phone pouch to below the tray giving you a convenient place to keep devices while charging.

Overall I am very satisfied with this addition to Delta’s fleet. Not once on my flight did it feel like I was flying on a regional jet. This plane brings 737 comfort to the regional form factor. From a passenger comfort standpoint the Airbus A220 is a win. I’m happy to have finally have it flying in the US.

What are your thoughts? Have you had the chance to fly on one? Let me know in the comments.

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